5th Annual General Meeting – The Orion 5th AGM 07/01/2018

Year 2018 started with 5th Annual General Meeting for The Orion Condominium Management Corporation on 7th January 2018 at 8th floor multipurpose hall.

A 5 person new committee headed by Sabastian Ooi was elected during the meeting. About 30 persons attended and share their opinion on the better environment of the orion condominium.

Management presented floor the ongoing four major project through power point presentation and update the progress of all the works.

Orion 5th AGM

New Year Countdown Dinner – Menara Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur 31/12/2017

Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd organised new year Countdown.Dinner on 31st December 2017 at rooftop Menara Worldwide Kuala Lumpur.

Managing Director Mr U Chin Ong expressed his thanks to all the staff , invited guest,sponsors for making rhe events happen.

“This is the first ever official internal staff dinner, the events is a thanks giving dinner to all the Ong Maju staff.”

He added,year 2017 is a challenging year for Ong Maju, for the passed one year, we managed to extend our industries.until 14 site in klang valley.

“Without the staff, there will be no Ong Maju today. We hope next year our dinner will be more grand and more sites.”

Sooner later, Mr U Chin Ong announced the winner of Best Performance Team and Technician for the month of December 2017 , both rewards was given East Lake Residence Management Team and Mohd Apendi.

He told all the staff everyone have a chance to win the rewards,the best team of the month rewarded RM250 and the best performance technician will received RM150 incentive.

Many of the Lucky draw prizes was given out to lucky staff and December birthday staff also invited to cut the birthday cake together.

In the new year eve,all the staff enjoys themselves in this meaningful night.

Thanksgiving Dinner – East Lake Residence 30/12/2017

Mr Wong Kok Wai awared the Best Ever Performance Building Manager.

This award was given by East Lake Residence Management Corporation during the thanksgiving Dinner which held on 30/12/2017.

East Lake Residence MC chairman.Mr Tan Chi Kong announced this special award, he added this awarded given to Mr. Wong Kok Wai due to he is the best building manager.

“Mr. Wong is very hardworking staff, you can see him most of the time in the condo.”

Beside Mr Wong, East Lake Residence MC also reward few service provider staff which performance well for past one year.

This thanksgiving dinner was yearly host by mc to thanks all the service provider for the past service.

About 100 person, included 50 service provider staff enjoy this happy and wonderful dinner.

Annual General Meeting – Putra Indah Kondominium 10/12/2017

After about four hours debate and discuss, Putra Indah Kondominium 12th Annual General Meeting today finally concluded with the New Committee elected.

Mr Jega was elected unanimous to lead the six person committee. Mr Loong promoted as vice chairman, Mr Kenneth Gooi to sit the secretary post and Mr Edward elected as new treasurer.

About 48 eligible owners attended AGM this morning. Member of Parliament Serdang YB Dr Ong Kian Ming who is also a resident was invited to deliver a speech.

He requested owners to give full support to the new committee and also huge appreciation to current committee for the past one year, especially all the minute was published in the notice board let the owners view.

For pass one year, committee carried out many rectification job, such as repairing roof, water proofing, cover roof window and etc.

Putra Indah Kondominium 12th Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting – Radius Residence 09/12/2017

2nd AGM for Badan Pengurusan Bersama Radius Residence was conducted successfully by Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd Team.

With the withness by COB Offical Majlis Perbadaran Selayang Mr Ismie, the proposal of increment of Maintenance Fees from 13 cent per square feet to 18 cent per square feet was adopted and accepted by the floor.

Chairman of meeting Mr Allan Tang highlighted that, the increment of maintenance fees come to the picture due to currently collection vs expenditure short of about RM15-20k monthly, which mean that if 100% collection insufficient to run daily operation.

He urged all the attendees accept the proposal of increment and decided the increment rate. Management presented scenario or increment 18 cents and 20 cents, the floor decided to vote for increment of 18 cents per square feet. The floor also decided to implement the new rate from 1st of February 2018.

After the increment of maintenance fees was adopted, floor decided nominated 7 members to the 2017-2018 committee.

Allan Tang once again proposal to lead the new committee, secretary and treasurer post remain unchanged.

The new elected chairman once again, thanks all the attendees, committee, management and cob to make the AGM successful.

Townhall Meeting – The Arc Cyberjaya 18/11/2017

Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd organized Townhall Meeting at The Arc Cyberjaya on 18/11/2017.
Timbalan Ketua Polis Balai Cyberjaya Tuan Zainal was invited to delivery a speech. Owners and JMB, service provider about 25 person attended this event.

Deepavali Open House – East Lake Residence 21/10/2017

More than 300 residents from different race attended East Lake Residence Deepavali Open House and this is the first ever Deepavali Open House with huge turn out. Indian, Malay foods was serve to all the residents and a karaoke sessions bringing all the owners to a meaningful weekends.

Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd site team organised this event with big applause given by all the attendance.

Strata Management Act @ 3 – KIP Hotel 22/09/2017

Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd organized “Strata Management Act” Seminar for site person in charge,about 25 Building Manager,Building Executive and top management team attended. This was the 3rd times Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd organised said seminar at KIP Hotel , Kuala Lumpur, on 22nd September 2017.

The seminar started with Managing Director Mr U Chin Ong introduce all the site rep and the Strata Title Development.

Head of COB MPAJ Sr Muhammad Isman given a good advised and guidance on the Strata Management Act, especially the procedure of AGM, EGM and Monthly Meeting, Calculation of Share Unit is also one of the topic sharing with all the attendant.

Great Eastern Insurance Representative Mr Lim Hou Kong also presented a knowledge of Fire Insurance.

Area Manager Louis Kong highlighted the operation procedure to all.

Seminar ended with thanks to all speaker and attendant.

Record Breaking Collection (RM322,276.39 collected in a month)

After all the hard work, Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd Lakeview team achieved a record breaking feat on collection where a total of RM322,276.39 was collected for the month of August as at 5.30pm 30/08/2017, just one day before Malaysia National Day.

This is the highest collection in the Lakeview history and Ong Maju is the first managing agent to win this “Gold Medal.”

Lakeview Apartment is a middle cost apartment, completed in the year of 2011. The apartment is located at Batu Caves area, which consists of 4 block with a totals of 1323 unit. The maintenance fees and sinking fund per unit is RM91.20 per month.

Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd appointed as a new managing agent since February 2017.

Lakeview - Resident Queue Up To Make Payment
Lakeview – Resident Queue Up To Make Payment

Annual General Meeting – Mutiara Court 26/08/2017

Mutiara Court Annual General Meeting was conducted smoothly by Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd, about 30 register owners and proxies attended the meeting.

The New Committee was elected during the meeting and the floor propose five current committee members to be relected.

Mr Moo Hong Kee Chairman of the committee presented slide show to the floor, on the past one year projects complete report. Installation of Barrier Gate and CCTV system, new cabin for security, both two projects have increase the property value of Mutiara court.

Mutiara Court AGM 26/08/2017
Mutiara Court AGM 26/08/2017