Record Breaking Collection (RM322,276.39 collected in a month)

After all the hard work, Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd Lakeview team achieved a record breaking feat on collection where a total of RM322,276.39 was collected for the month of August as at 5.30pm 30/08/2017, just one day before Malaysia National Day.

This is the highest collection in the Lakeview history and Ong Maju is the first managing agent to win this “Gold Medal.”

Lakeview Apartment is a middle cost apartment, completed in the year of 2011. The apartment is located at Batu Caves area, which consists of 4 block with a totals of 1323 unit. The maintenance fees and sinking fund per unit is RM91.20 per month.

Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd appointed as a new managing agent since February 2017.

Lakeview - Resident Queue Up To Make Payment
Lakeview – Resident Queue Up To Make Payment

RM462,360.72 Outstanding Collected

ONG MAJU Property Management Sdn Bhd management team achieved a significant milestones at one of the site in Selangor area after more than a year operating.

ONG MAJU team taken over the site since September 2015 whereby the total outstanding by 946 units is RM828,234.81, after 1 year and 3 month of operation, the outstanding by owners reduce to RM365,874.09.

During the duration of 1 year and 3 month operation, management team carried out water disconnect, bared access and others related actions that compiled with house rules and strata management act.

Another Excellent Achievement – Reduce RM266,623.33

With all the hardworking, Ong Maju Property Management team hit another excellent achievement in one of the Seri Kembangan site, by reducing RM266,623.33 outstanding less than a year.

Base on the account records,the total outstanding for the month of March 2016 was RM412,708.65, after nearly a year of handwork by whole management team, the total amount of outstanding as at 31st January 2017 reduced to a total of RM146,085.32. Since taking over the the building management operation, Ong Maju Property Management provided 7 manpower to managed a total of 624 units service apartment.

The top management of Ong Maju Property Management highly appreciate all the hardworking of site team.