Recycling Project Briefing 29/05/2016 – SD Tiara Apartment

With conjunction of the Recycle Awareness Campaign , Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd organized a Recycling Project Briefing on 29th May 2016 at SD Tiara Apartment Multipurpose Hall. The briefing conducted by Ms. Joanne Chen, although the turn-up is far on our expectation, but with this event, the residents gain more knowledge on the waste separation.

SD recycle project (1)

Community Lab – Making Bandar Putra Permai and Seri Kembangan Safe and Liveable 23-24/05/2016

Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd top management Mr U Chin Ong, Mr Lim Wai Ming and Mr Wong Kok Wai were invited by Majils Perbandaran Subang Jaya to attend “Community Lab – Making Bandar Putra Permai and Seri Kembangan Safe and Liveable” 23 & 24 May 2016 at Palm Garden Hotel, Putrajaya.

Mr U Chin Ong give his opinion on the upgrading traffic flow of Serdang Raya and Serdang Perdana. During the two days community lab, he propose to build a flyover at Serdang Perdana to divert traffic out from Serdang Perdana. Beside giving opinions on traffic flow, he also gives point of view of issues in the surrounding area, whereby MBSJ have to pay more attention.

YB Ean Yong Hian Hua (Exco Selangor) and Mayor of MBSJ Mr Ismail also delivery his speech on the suggestions to make Putra Permai and Seri Kembangan a better place to live. MBSJ will undertake further studies on all suggestion from the zone representative.

Strata Management Act Seminar 21/05/2016

Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd has organize a Strata Management Act 2013 (ACT 757) seminar for all the internal site in charge at KIP Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 21/05/2015.

Director of COB MPS Mr Aminuddin B. Hussien are invited to share on the implementation of new Strata Management Act which enforced since June 2015. Representative from Oversea Assurance Corporation (M) Bhd Mr Lim Hou Kong and Ms Chong Siao Leng also presented Building Fire Insurance package and claiming process to all the attendee. With these experience sharing, all the site in charge are more confident to face all the challenge and issued pertaining to operation matter.

Mother’s Day Carnation Flower Distribution 15/05/2016 – Simfoni Heights, SD TIara, Avelon Tower

In conjunction of Mother Day, Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd distributing 100 stalk of carnations flower to Simfoni Heights, SD Tiara and Avelon Tower mothers, many of the mother surprised and happy to receive the special gift from management office… Ong Maju Property Management Sdn Bhd wishes all Happy Mother Day.